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Adidas launches its lightest-ever golf shoe

Adidas launches its lightest-ever golf shoe

I REMEMBER my first pair of golf shoes. I was 13 and they were my father’s hand-me-downs. In hindsight they were probably one of the reasons I stopped playing golf for well over a decade. Why? Because they were so bloody uncomfortable.

We played at one of those snooty courses in England, so there was no getting away with sneaking on to the course in trainers, even as a junior. I remember the ill-fitting shoes rubbing against my ankles, compressing my toes into hooves, causing blisters to bubble away as I traipsed despondently along the Surrey Downs.

But that wasn’t the worst part. For some reason that I still cannot fathom to do this day, is why they were so damn heavy. It was like having a 10kg kettle bell under each foot. No wonder I used to have quads like a horse. By the time I’d reached the ninth hole, it felt like I’d ran a marathon.

“Why don’t they make golf shoes more comfortable,” I questioned my father relentlessly.

“Because that’s poor etiquette son.” This seemed to be his standard answer to most of my golfing queries.

But almost twenty years later, with my passion for golf reignited, I’m pleased to say that my whinging did not fall on deaf ears. A product engineer from adidas must have been hiding in the bushes, because I’m sure he heard me and scurried away to work in one of their top-secret laboratories.

The result? The adizero one, the global clothing giant’s lightest-ever golf shoe, tipping the scales at a dainty 284 grams.

Screen Shot 2014 02 10 At 70933 Pm

Building on the success of the first-generation adizero Tour, which was released in 2013, adidas designers have stripped back the shoe to include only the essentials, shaving 10 per cent off the overall weight of the predecessor.

While traditional golf shoe construction requires the stitching of multiple layers, the adizero one features a new, ultra-light one-piece fused upper that bonds together five layers to deliver a glove-like fit on the foot.

“With the low profile design, I can really feel the ground beneath my feet and the power generated from my swing is definitely noticeable. I’m excited to wear these on tour,” said Australian golfing hero and adidas Golf tour professional Jason Day.

To further reduce weight while increasing stability, a lighter and thinner seven-cleat performance outsole was developed, measuring 20 per cent wider than the 10-cleat adizero Tour.

For improved on-course performance, designers combined valuable tour player feedback with biomechanical analysis to strategically locate the seven cleats.

“We’re constantly looking to test the boundaries of engineering to design and develop equipment that helps golfers perform at their peak,” said Masun Denison, Director, Global Product Marketing, Footwear at adidas Golf.

“adizero one is a perfect example of our relentless pursuit of innovation to consistently create the best-performing footwear in golf.”

The adizero one is available now in four colours, with an RRP of $209.

Screen Shot 2014 02 10 At 65734 Pm